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Porsche Mobil 1 Supercup - Barcelona


I’m excited to get some more laps in the new car and am really looking forward to racing on Formula 1 weekends as well!  I’ve only experienced the atmosphere once, last year at Montreal, and it was amazing.  Overall, stoked for all the new experiences ahead of me this year in this championship!


Supercup is a completely different world.  Last year, I had two test sessions, and two practice sessions to really learn a track all before the qualifying session.  In Supercup, we get just one 45 min practice session and that’s it!  The next time we’re in the car, we have to qualify.  It’s a new process for me to wrap my head around, but I’m loving it.  

Qualifying was interesting as the level of grip changes so much at Barcelona when you get to drive right after the F1 cars have been on track.  I broke later, rolled more speed through all the corners, and drove over 1.5 seconds quicker than my fastest lap from practice but it still was only good enough for P19.  Absolutely world class competition in this series!

The race was eventful, unfortunately a bit more than I would have liked for my first race!  I got a great start and had moved up a few positions halfway through the first lap when I slowed to avoid a spinning car in front of me and then got slammed into by another competitor.  The end result was a crooked steering wheel, bent toe-link, bent lower a-arm, broken damper, and broken splitter.  Impressively, my car was a champ and drove to the end of the race, even though I had to get creative to get it to turn!  Regardless, to finish P17 given the condition of the car, and end up scoring points for the team, due to two non-scoring guest starters in front of me, was great.