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Recent Questions

Q: Sean, any difference between cup car you drive now and the IMSA champ car? - Tsvetozar Petkov

A: As it turns out, there are a few differences! The tire is completely different from what I drove last year and needs to be warmed up in an entirely different way. On top of the different tire, the rules and regulations in the Carrera Cup Deutschland allow teams to run the cars with a much more aggressive setup. The end result is a car that takes more intensity and precision to drive at it’s limit, and is less forgiving when you make mistakes. My experience is that the car is harder to drive, but it’s a good challenge and I’m enjoying it!

Q: Congrats on your Carrera Cup Result and what a surprise to see you racing in Barcelona at the Super Cup race! Amazing! Good for you. That's a huge statement by the Team to put you in the Super Cup Race. We are all very happy for you. The whole race series here is following your success closely. Best of luck moving forward! Tell me what the 991 is like to drive? - Jim from Canadian GT3 Cup Challenge, SpeedMerchants. 

A: Thanks for your support Jim! The new 991 is definitely different to drive and a lot of fun as well.  It behaves differently and my experience is that you need to treat it a little bit nicer than the 997.  I've gotten used to throwing the 997 around a little bit and sliding it to really get it to go, but this is not the way the 991 likes to be driven.  Beyond that, the brakes are great, the paddle shifting is fun, and the seat is incredibly comfy!