Norisring / Pre-race Press Release

Via Project 1

Repeat Performance Desired

After victories in 2011 and 2012, Project 1 also wants P1 in 2013 at the Norisring.

Nürnberg is the location of races 8 and 9 in the Porsche Carrera Cup 2013. If you look at the history, it’s impossible to ignore ‘the yellows’ from Lohne. The track, in the second biggest city in Bavaria, is predestined to see Project 1 victories, for in 2011 and in both races in 2012, the team from Lohne in Lower Saxony delivered confident wins. Enough for ‘Team Deutsche Post by Project 1’ and championship favourite Sean Edwards to throw everything at securing their first win in 2013 at national level.

Team boss Paul Schlotmann, who has been on board with ‘Team Deutsche Post by Project 1’ since 2009, considers his team to be on the right path and is hoping for victory for Project 1: “I love coming to the Norisring every year anew. It has a bit of the panache and the atmosphere of glamorous Monaco. You obviously enjoy it best with a win. Even though a win has evaded us so far in the Carrera Cup, I consider us to be on the right path in 2013 and we will also win in the Carrera Cup. I’m sure of it.” With pride, Paul Schlotmann points to the performance of his team to date. “This season, we have two missions to fulfil, which we’ve managed wonderfully up to now. First, we want to secure the drivers’ championship title with Sean Edwards, and as he’s currently in second place, we have every chance of achieving that. Secondly, we want to train, as quickly as possible, the two juniors, Sean Johnston and Jeffrey Schmidt, to become top drivers in the field.” And that’s exactly what the team has already achieved, with Jeffrey Schmidt’s third place at the Lausitzring in the last race.

“Little by little, we are achieving our goals and these successes make me proud to be a part of the whole. My thanks go to the whole team, who are working hard day after day for this success”. Paul Schlotmann is incredibly enthusiastic about his Project. Together with car engineer Konstantin Kotitsas and his technicians, he considers himself to be responsible for giving the drivers the best possible material and set up.

The mission of top favourite Sean Edwards is clear; to reduce the gap to current table leader Kévin Estre. Even though last year engine problems hinted at the way Sean Edwards’ championship battle was to end, the British driver’s memories of the 2.3km circuit with its 8 bends are completely positive: “The weather, the fans, the circuit and the overall atmosphere, the Norisring is always a season highlight. In 2011 I won here and I want to repeat that this year. Preferably in both races.” Edwards knows from experience gained in 2012 what makes the difference here: “At the Norisring in particular, qualifying is of vital importance to the whole race. If you start in the middle of the field, you are always in danger of being involved in an accident on the first bend. On Saturday, we have to qualify for pole position.”

The two rookies in ‘Team Deutsche Post by Project 1’ want to do the same and have set themselves high but realistic goals. Jeffrey Schmidt has found that he liked putting in his best performance of the season and achieving a podium finish at the Lausitzring: “The last race was just huge. I never thought I would be standing on the podium after only my seventh race of the season. It was an unbelievable feeling and I’m really hoping for another such chance.” The foundation of his performance was 5th place in qualifying, as Schmidt well knows: “The better the starting position, the better the chances of a top finish in the two races. The key is qualifying and I’m going to give it everything.” said a confident appearing Jeffrey Schmidt.

The second Project 1 junior is the 22 year old Sean Johnston, who has chosen to make Dinklage his home. His learning curve is also pointing upwards. The American, who made possible his dream of becoming a racing drive more or less through a console game, doesn’t yet know the Norisring at all. “On paper and on videos, the circuit looks really good, with plenty of top speed stretches and good overtaking opportunities. I’m looking forward to the atmosphere and to racing between the crash barriers on the street course. It demands a lot of courage but it’s a lot of fun. I finished the race in Monaco without incident and that’s my goal at the Norisring too. Sean Edwards is an absolute specialist on this circuit and I’m going to try and learn as much as possible from him. My target is to show my best race this season.” said Johnston.

Qualifying starts on Saturday at 12.45pm and the lights change to green in the first race at 6.15pm. On Sunday, the 35 drivers will start their fight for important championship points at 9.55am.