Monza / Pre-race Press Release

Mental Exercise in Italy

Sean Johnston starts with special preparation in Monza. Sean Edwards and his team are concentrating on the basics.  via Project-1  

Germany is heading slowly but surely into autumn and winter. The temperatures are falling and the dreary, wet weather is putting in an appearance. Reason enough for the Formula 1 circus to flee to the south of Europe. With the race in Monza in Italy, the final EuropaGP and the third-to-last race of the Porsche Mobil 1 Supercup of the 2013 season is taking place. 

‘Team Allyouneed by Project 1’ is focussing on its strengths and on a professional racing performance. Rookie Sean Johnston is approaching the race in Italy with somewhat different preparation. “With my friend and partner Tom, I have spent a couple of days in Italy to work on my mental attitude and my physical strength. As a racing driver, you have to be constantly highly focussed and every second in the racing car has to be spent focussing on making the right decisions. With inner balance, you can reach your goals and be successful.” This mental training plays a very significant role for Sean Johnston. If you look in the cockpit before the race, you will often see him with closed eyes. For the technicians and engineers it’s then a case of – get ready to rumble. From this point, Sean sees his goals clearly in his mind’s eye. The details and what exactly he sees remain his secret. He also recommends such an approach to everyday life: “Basically, I reflect on myself and keep reminding myself of my goals: ‘Who am I? What do I want? Where do I want to get to? What do I need to do to get there?’ That makes me strong and self-confident”. Mentally, Sean’s attitude fits well to Monza. He wants to continue his sporting performances from the previous weeks. In the last race, the Project 1 junior driver unfortunately only took 16  place, despite a strong performance, and accordingly he didn’t take any points for the championship. “In Monza, I’d be really happy with a finish in the top 15. My performances are right and I want to reward my team and myself with my best race of the season.” 

For favourite Sean Edwards, everything is running to plan in respect of the championship. Despite missing out on a victory at Spa, Sean Edwards was able to celebrate as the clear victor of the weekend. He has again built upon his lead in the championship. The situation of the table leader and his competitors is as follows: with 106 points, Edwards is lying 26 points ahead of Nicki Thiim, 30 points ahead of the German driver Michael Ammermüller, and 36 points ahead of Porsche Junior driver Michael Christensen. But he is not home and dry yet. Theoretically, as there are still 60 points up for grabs, even the seventh placed driver still has a chance. No-one at Project 1 is reckoning upon an early championship victory in Italy. Team boss and driver point to a good and professional performance in accordance with the P1 philosophy. Paul Schlotmann, team boss and manager of the Project 1 team, warns against too much euphoria: “I don’t want to hear it. We are not going to waste any thoughts on the championship in Monza. It’s taboo for us. In our current situation, we can’t make the mistake of being too sure of ourselves. We need to concentrate and focus on our work. The smallest mistakes are severely punished and the position you thought was secure can quickly disappear.” His driver Sean Edwards also knows how to appraise the situation: “The last race was perfect for me, but nothing has Mental Exercise in Italy  been won yet. In the Porsche Carrera Cup we’ve seen how quickly newly won euphoria can disappear in respect of the championship. It’s our goal to finish the last three races without incident and to bring home as many points as possible. I know how perfectly my team works and I have the utmost faith that we can deliver a strong performance. We’ll see on Sunday how the situation looks after Monza.” 

Together with the double race in Abu Dhabi, there remain three races on the schedule for the Porsche Mobil 1 Supercup teams. 

Practice starts on Friday at 4.45pm and qualifying starts on Saturday at 12.25pm. The hunt for the third-to-last championship points in the Porsche Mobil 1 Supercup starts on Sunday at 11.45am. As usual, the race can be viewed on pay-tv channel Sky and on Eurosport. 

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