Project 1 / The Countdown Begins

After the toughest year of my life, I’m ready for the new season... I’m looking forward to getting back onto the race track this year with the strong and unbreakable racing team, Project 1.
— Sean Johnston

Via Project-1

Slowly but surely it’s getting serious. Our boys are back from the last test in Budapest and, after being able to relax for a few days over Easter, at 8am last Monday it was back to the workshop; the clock is ticking relentlessly towards the start of the season on the first weekend in May. This is of course absolutely no reason for us to panic. In the last few weeks, we’ve gathered a huge amount of experience during the various tests. It’s now a case of analysing and implementing the results so that, on the 3rd May in Hockenheim, we can achieve great results with all 4 drivers. A glance at the times this Spring shows that this is possible. At the last official test, at which our competitors also took part, Phillip Eng made his mark – on the first test day he achieved second position and on the second test day he achieved first position. He now wants to build on this: “It’s my goal for the 2014 season to establish myself among the top positions and to win as many points as possible. The official tests were very promising and showed that we are well prepared as a team. I also feel well prepared myself, both physically and mentally.” Sven Müller views things similarly. The Porsche Junior driver made people sit up and take notice with his second place in Hockenheim and wants to improve and establish himself from race to race during his first season for Project 1. “It’s my goal to become best rookie! Positions in the top 10 are good for me.”

The precise analysis after each stint by Rene Eder and Phillip Eng contributed significantly to the good performances. In this way we got to know the 911s better and better and were able to correctly react to every problem at any time. Cameras installed in the cars allowed us to do this with pictures and sound, which offered a great opportunity to evaluate individual laps.

That’s exactly how Ola Nilsson sees it. He is beginning his first season and is looking forward to the new challenge: “I think that I have one of the best teams around me. The test results prove that to me. I’m really happy with the performance of the car. However, we won’t see exactly where we stand until the first qualifying session of the season on 3rd May in Hockenheim. It will no doubt be difficult, but I’m sure that we’ll be able to continually improve the car and that I’ll be able to establish myself as one of the top 10 drivers. I can only say that I’ll give it my best.”

After last year, the confidence with which the entire P1 team is entering the new season certainly can’t be taken for granted. The team had a number of blows of fate to deal with, and they affected Sean Johnston particularly deeply, but he has a new mental strength: “After the toughest year of my life, I’m ready for the new season. It’s crazy that two really important members of our team were taken from us too early; Sean and Kosta were mentors and good friends for me. I have come through this deep sadness mostly with gratitude that I had the opportunity to work with them both. I learnt a lot from both of them last year and I’m looking forward to getting back onto the race track this year with the strong and unbreakable racing team, Project 1.”

We wish you lots of fun enjoying the races. We can hardly wait to press down the accelerator and we hope you are keeping your fingers crossed for us!

Your P1-Team