My year 2018

My Highlight


The Podium at Rally Erzgebirge! Starting the rally off with 3 stage wins and leading the rally overnight was certainly a new experience for us! On the Saturday, our fiercest competitor Volver was simply faster and he deserved the win, but Alex and I were more than stoked to not only land on the podium, but to build the gap back to 3rd place. It was a strong and consistent performance, and Alex and I are both proud to have stood on the podium in just my first season of rallying, and our first year working together!

My biggest setback


The Sweden crash and the injuries sustained was definitely the low point for me this year. I suffered 2 broken ribs, a compression fracture in my back, and a sprained ankle. My equilibrium took about 4 months to recover, and my neck (while fully functional now) is still not quite back to 100% yet. It was a humbling experience, and being in chronic pain for a couple of months was tough to say the least, but I know I’ve matured and grown stronger as a result. Simply grateful that Alex and I weren’t hurt worse in the accident!

What I learned

Joy, humility, respect, rebuilding, resilience.

I was enamored with rallying from the first moment of competition, loving the sport more and more with each stage that I drove. Then to get the first taste of driving on gravel, and somehow enjoying rallying even more! But then to suffer a huge accident on the last stage of the rally due to a rock strike was a practice in humility. I was given a new respect for this sport, and needed time to process the reality that even without a big mistake from me, crashes happen in rallying and that the consequences can be severe, if not life threatening. From this point on, the task became rebuilding my fitness and strengthening my mind, preparing for the return into the rally car. Having gone through this process, and performed well enough to secure a podium finish, I feel like I understand something about the nature of resilience that I didn’t know before. And for this I am grateful!

What I am happiest about


Simply engaging in the process of learning, and having the chance to develop myself as a driver in this new discipline of motorsport. My goal has been to embody the beginners mind this year, and it’s been such a joy to jump into the world of rallying with such a mindset. I had (and still have!) so much to learn, and this process, especially working with Alex and the team from Audex Motorsport, has brought me immense joy this year.

What I expect in 2019

I’m expecting lots of hard work for Alex and I to keep this fast rate of development on its current trajectory. We have a huge season planned ahead of us, with an even steeper learning curve than we experienced this year, so we’ll both have to be at our best to make the most of the opportunities that await us. The good news is, we’re already working hard making sure we’ll be ready for it all! Stoked and grateful, can’t wait!