Oschersleben / Pre-race Press Release

Race to Catch Up 2.0

Edwards pursues his chance in the championship. Project 1 has two highly motivated junior drivers battling for the best rookie position.

How closely joy and misery lie next to each other in motorsport was shown at the last racing weekend at the Nürburgring. On Saturday, glowing winner of race 1 and just 5 points behind the leader, Edwards was back in business in the championship. However, Sunday was a sobering day for Edwards and the ‘Deutsche Post by Project 1’ team, with a failure to finish and no points. The result is a gap of 23 points to leader Kévin Estre. It’s not how we had imagined it would be. However, Sean Edwards is feeling optimistic about the weekend in the Magdeburger Börde: “I would obviously prefer to be right up there in the battle for first place, but that’s the way it is in motorsport. Small mistakes are punished hard, even when the setback isn’t always your own fault. The season is still long and a lot can and will still happen.”

Edwards is ambitious about the forthcoming race in Oschersleben: “I will be fully on the attack at the weekend. If we’re offered a chance to reduce the gap to Kévin Estre, we’ll be there. There’s no reason to mope. On the contrary, such a challenge motivates me.” A look at the remaining season shows clearly that nothing is fixed yet. With Oschersleben, Zandvoort and the final in Hockenheim, there are still six races left for the title contender to win, and a total of 120 points to be taken.

The two Project 1 rookies, Sean Johnston and Jeffrey Schmidt, are motivating themselves in different ways. 22-year old Sean Johnston is looking forward to his parents visiting; they have made the long journey from Mount Shasta in California to Europe. This is of course no reason for Johnston to push work on to the back burner: “Of course I’m delighted about my parents’ visit, it gives me additional motivation. It’s really special for me to be able to show them my new motorsporting life here in Europe, and it makes me really proud. But I’ll be totally and utterly concentrating on my job at the weekend, namely driving the car fast.” For Sean Johnston, the trip to Oschersleben will be a new challenge, for although he has driven numerous test laps on the track, the adrenalin-filled races are always something completely different.

Jeffrey Schmidt’s incentive is his newly won prospects in the battle for the rookie championship. After the two races at the Nürburgring, the ‘Deutsche Post by Project 1’ team youngster has narrowed the gap to the leader, Porsche Junior driver Connor de Phillippi, to just 10 points. “My goal is clearly to win the ‘rookie of the year’ title in the Porsche Carrera Cup 2013. I’m sure that, at the end, I’ll be right at the top of the table” says the young Swiss driver, confidently. For him, it’s the logical result of having whole package. Jeffrey continues “My performances are improving from race to race and I’m getting more and more used to the car. Sean Edwards is one of the best drivers, if not the best driver, in the field. To have someone like him in the team pushes us unbelievably and we rookies can learn a lot from him, particularly on the circuits which we don’t know that well. Together with top engineer Konstantin Kotitsas and the best team, we have a great package for getting successful results in the last six races.” For the rookies too there are 120 points still up for grabs. Jeffrey Schmidt is the only one of the ‘newbies’ who has so far managed a podium place.

For the team surrounding Project 1 team boss Paul Schlotmann, the expectations for the season haven`t changed. “To win the championship with Sean Edwards and to take the rookie title are still our goals. Nothing has changed even after the sobering result on Sunday at the Nürburgring. Mistakes happen, but that means we carry on fighting, not give up. That’s exactly what we’re going to do and we’re again going to put in top performances with our team. We’ll see what result it leads to in the end. Our two rookies still haven’t maximised their full potential. I’m sure there’s more to come. We know what we’re capable of and I’m looking forward to it.”

Monza / Pre-race Press Release

Mental Exercise in Italy

Sean Johnston starts with special preparation in Monza. Sean Edwards and his team are concentrating on the basics.  via Project-1  

Germany is heading slowly but surely into autumn and winter. The temperatures are falling and the dreary, wet weather is putting in an appearance. Reason enough for the Formula 1 circus to flee to the south of Europe. With the race in Monza in Italy, the final EuropaGP and the third-to-last race of the Porsche Mobil 1 Supercup of the 2013 season is taking place. 

‘Team Allyouneed by Project 1’ is focussing on its strengths and on a professional racing performance. Rookie Sean Johnston is approaching the race in Italy with somewhat different preparation. “With my friend and partner Tom, I have spent a couple of days in Italy to work on my mental attitude and my physical strength. As a racing driver, you have to be constantly highly focussed and every second in the racing car has to be spent focussing on making the right decisions. With inner balance, you can reach your goals and be successful.” This mental training plays a very significant role for Sean Johnston. If you look in the cockpit before the race, you will often see him with closed eyes. For the technicians and engineers it’s then a case of – get ready to rumble. From this point, Sean sees his goals clearly in his mind’s eye. The details and what exactly he sees remain his secret. He also recommends such an approach to everyday life: “Basically, I reflect on myself and keep reminding myself of my goals: ‘Who am I? What do I want? Where do I want to get to? What do I need to do to get there?’ That makes me strong and self-confident”. Mentally, Sean’s attitude fits well to Monza. He wants to continue his sporting performances from the previous weeks. In the last race, the Project 1 junior driver unfortunately only took 16  place, despite a strong performance, and accordingly he didn’t take any points for the championship. “In Monza, I’d be really happy with a finish in the top 15. My performances are right and I want to reward my team and myself with my best race of the season.” 

For favourite Sean Edwards, everything is running to plan in respect of the championship. Despite missing out on a victory at Spa, Sean Edwards was able to celebrate as the clear victor of the weekend. He has again built upon his lead in the championship. The situation of the table leader and his competitors is as follows: with 106 points, Edwards is lying 26 points ahead of Nicki Thiim, 30 points ahead of the German driver Michael Ammermüller, and 36 points ahead of Porsche Junior driver Michael Christensen. But he is not home and dry yet. Theoretically, as there are still 60 points up for grabs, even the seventh placed driver still has a chance. No-one at Project 1 is reckoning upon an early championship victory in Italy. Team boss and driver point to a good and professional performance in accordance with the P1 philosophy. Paul Schlotmann, team boss and manager of the Project 1 team, warns against too much euphoria: “I don’t want to hear it. We are not going to waste any thoughts on the championship in Monza. It’s taboo for us. In our current situation, we can’t make the mistake of being too sure of ourselves. We need to concentrate and focus on our work. The smallest mistakes are severely punished and the position you thought was secure can quickly disappear.” His driver Sean Edwards also knows how to appraise the situation: “The last race was perfect for me, but nothing has Mental Exercise in Italy  been won yet. In the Porsche Carrera Cup we’ve seen how quickly newly won euphoria can disappear in respect of the championship. It’s our goal to finish the last three races without incident and to bring home as many points as possible. I know how perfectly my team works and I have the utmost faith that we can deliver a strong performance. We’ll see on Sunday how the situation looks after Monza.” 

Together with the double race in Abu Dhabi, there remain three races on the schedule for the Porsche Mobil 1 Supercup teams. 

Practice starts on Friday at 4.45pm and qualifying starts on Saturday at 12.25pm. The hunt for the third-to-last championship points in the Porsche Mobil 1 Supercup starts on Sunday at 11.45am. As usual, the race can be viewed on pay-tv channel Sky and on Eurosport. 

News and background information about the race and about Project 1 can be found on the Project 1 website and on Facebook, or on the partner website www.racecam.de.

Spa / Post-race Press Release

Sean Edwards holds on to his starting position and finishes second. Johnston puts in an error-free drive and delivers his best performance of the season.

The sixth race of the Porsche Mobil 1 Supercup took the teams to the Ardennes, to Spa-Francorchamps. The tradition-steeped Belgian race is viewed by every driver as a highlight of the Supercup racing calendar and always offers spectators and fans spectacular motorsport. Project 1’s starting point was obviously to defend and to further build upon their lead in the drivers’ championship. After promising performances, Sean Johnston hoped to win further championship points with a finish in the top 15.  

For a long time, the race, which consists of 11 laps of the 7.004km long circuit, offered very little real tension. Even though the drivers put a great deal of pressure on each other, there were no exciting overtaking manoeuvres amongst the leaders. Everything pointed to a pole-to-flag victory for Kuba Giermaziak but, on the last lap, everything changed. With an eye on the championship, Sean Edwards had cleverly kept out of all rough battles for position and for a long time was in third position behind Giermaziak and Bachler. A few bends before the finish, Giermaziak was forced to give in to a technical defect and give up his position. Bachler and Edwards therefore moved up a position.

For Sean Edwards, everything ran to plan. “It was a shame and annoying for Kuba, for it was a perfect result for us. At the end, all my competitors drove for me. Thanks to the team, who put a fantastic car at my disposal over the whole weekend. For us, it’s now a question of finishing the final three races and taking the points.” After his second place in Spa, Edwards’ lead is now 26 points over Nicki Thiim and 30 points over Michael Ammermüller. With 60 points still to be distributed in Monza and Abu Dhabi, where two races will take place, Team ’Allyouneed by Project 1’ is right on course for the championship.

For rookie Sean Johnston, despite a strong and error-free performance, with plenty of battles for position, it was a thankless result, for at the end he just missed out on championship points. However, Sean J. put in his best performance of the season in Spa and took a top result. The field was very close together and Sean J. confidently kept Porsche professionals with a great deal more experience behind him. He himself views the race in Spa as further experience in a long learning curve: “The race was good for me. When you think that this was my first race here in Spa. It was an amazing feeling to drive through the ‘Eau Rouge’ with my opponents. We’re happy and thanks to my team for a great job. With the improvement in my performance I’m looking forward to Monza.”

Team boss Paul Schlotmann is also completely happy with the performance of his team. “I’m really happy with the entire performance over the weekend. Both drivers delivered a clever and error-free race. Both rookie Sean Johnston, who took on drivers such as Bleekemolen and Engelhardt, and Sean Edwards, who didn’t take any risks. With P2, we can build on our lead in the championship, and in the last three races we are right on track. Thanks to my whole team, who again worked superbly and without errors. With such a performance we’re looking forward to Italy.”

The third to last race in the Porsche Mobil 1 Supercup will take place in just under two weeks’ time on 8.9.2013 in Monza.

Via Project 1 -  http://www.project-1.de/2013/08/25/tension-right-up-to-the-ends/?lang=en


Spa / Pre-race Press Release

Attack in the last three events of the championship. Edwards wants to build on his table lead and Johnston wants to finish in the top 10.

The “Circuit de Spa-Francorchamps” is without doubt one of the most tradition-filled race tracks in the Porsche Mobil 1 Supercup calendar. With a total of 7.004km and the most famous bends in the F1 circus, such as ‘Eau Rouge’, ‘La Source’ or ‘Blanchimont’, the Belgian Grand Prix circuit is a fixed part of the Formula 1 and the Porsche Supercup racing calendar. ‘Team Allyouneed by Project 1’ wants to continue its run of top results and further build on the lead in the championship.

All too often, all eyes in respect of a championship are focussed only on the winner and the series leaders. The fact that, far away from the hype surrounding the winner, there are also brand new racing drivers drawing attention with formidable performances, is often overlooked. One of the most junior and most inexperienced drivers in the Porsche Mobil 1 Supercup field is Project 1 rookie Sean Johnston. Even though his points total is less than that of his team mate, the performances of Sean Johnston, bearing in mind his driving experience to date in a Porsche racing car and generally on European race tracks, are notable. Sean Johnston explains his season as follows: “I can be happy with what I’ve shown to date. Every experience is valuable and makes me stronger.” He knows himself where his motorsporting journey should be headed and has clear goals in mind. “Every beginning is difficult, but to be able to measure myself against the best drivers on the Porsche scene fits my plan exactly. In the long term, I want to get to where my team mate Sean Edwards is in the Supercup. I want to win races and championships. With Project 1, I’m in exactly the right place for what I’m planning; I can learn from Sean Edwards and my team everything I need for such a future.” With the course in Spa-Francorchamps, Johnston is again facing a new track. “I’m really looking forward to this great and tradition-filled course. In the last few weeks in particular I’ve taken massive strides forward and I’m hoping for more championship points.”

Project 1’s goal is the exchange of experience and the targeted training of young racing drivers by professionals. Through the success of the team and its constant effort to always be the best, the experience is gained which is necessary for the training of young drivers. Put briefly, young drivers profit noticeably more and learn faster and more efficiently from a successful team.

Project 1’s balance in the Porsche Mobil 1 Supercup speaks for itself. Out of 5 races, they have been on the top of the podium three times. In the three remaining events, Project 1 is clearly the team to beat. In Spa-Francorchamps, the team wants to build on its dominance, but at the end of the season the championship is the goal. Intelligence is also needed in that respect: “Up to now, everything’s run to plan in the championship. We have the new car and the new setups well under control and we know what has to be done.” said Edwards.

“I always want to win and in Belgium I’d have nothing against a fourth win; but not at any price. First and foremost, it’s a question of winning important points and in a battle being able to take a step back. The pressure is on the chasers.” With 88 points, the English driver Edwards is currently lying 16 points ahead of second placed Danish driver Nicki Thiim, and 24 points ahead of German driver Michael Ammermüller.

Spa, which lies around 400km away from Lohne, is for the Project 1 team almost a home race, and it’s not only the drivers who enjoy the so-called ‘Ardennes Rollercoaster’. “We always enjoy coming back to Spa. The track simply belongs to the Porsche Supercup season. We’ve had some great moments in Belgium, which we still like talking about today, and when we are making our way home on Sunday, then there will hopefully be new great moments to talk about.” said team boss Paul Schlotmann about the expectations for his ‘Allyouneed by Project 1’ team in Spa-Francorchamps.

Practice starts on Friday at 4.45pm, qualifying is on Saturday at 12.25pm and the 30 Porsche 911 GT3 Cup Type 991 start the 6th race in the Porsche Mobil 1 Supercup on Sunday at 11.45am. The Supercup can be viewed as usual on the Pay-TV channel Sky and also on Eurosport.


Nürburgring / Post-race Press Release - Project1

Project 1 junior drivers put in top performance and Saturday first victory for Project 1. No luck for Sean Edwards on Sunday.

Via Project1

After the short summer break, it was again time for racing in the Porsche Carrera Cup. The tenth and eleventh races of the season took the teams to the Nürburgring. After the explosive overtaking marathon by championship favourite Sean Edwards at the Norisring, everything pointed to victory for Project 1, and to being able to attack in the championship. 

Since 2012 and 2013, there have been two races per weekend in the Porsche Carrera Cup. On the one hand, to give people the chance to iron out mistakes, on the other hand to further reduce risks. For Project 1, the weekend was a rollercoaster of emotion as far as the title hopes were concerned. In the most beautiful summer weather, title favourite Edwards was able to turn his second place starting position on Saturday into a confident victory, thereby reducing the gap in the championship to 5 points. For Project 1, it was the long sought after and much overdue first victory in the Porsche Carrera Cup. The team from Lohne in Lower Saxony was finally able to demonstrate a top performance at national level.

Sunday was however rather sobering. Starting from fourth position, a highly controversial drive through penalty threw Sean Edwards to the back of the field. After a tough battle for position, in the fight to limit damage and to win points, he eventually had to throw in the towel. He is taking the decision against himself with composure: “The result on Saturday was great and almost perfect. I controlled everything and was really delighted to again be fully part of the championship battle. The decisions today have ruined that hard-won chance again. I’m hugely disappointed.” Despite his disappointment, Sean Edwards is battle-hardened. “Setbacks make me stronger, I can just look to the future now. We’ve still got 6 races to go.”

Both rookies in ‘Team Deutsche Post by Project 1’ were able to put in a top performance and confirm the upward trend over the weekend. Only just missing out on the second qualifying segment, the American Sean Johnston started on Saturday from P15 and on Sunday from P16. In both races he let his potential shine. With exceptional tactics and fantastic overtaking manoeuvres he finished his first race in P10, thereby finishing in the hoped-for top 10 and winning important points. In the second race he took 11th place, only just missing out on a finish in the top 10. He is happy with his performance in both races: “Both races were great fun and the battle for position with the other drivers was great. In particular the overtaking manoeuvres on Saturday in the penultimate lap. On Sunday, my tyres lost grip at the end and I couldn’t attack as I wanted to. But finally the performances are going in the right direction and we’re moving forwards. I’m really happy with the race results.”

Second Project 1 rookie, Jeffrey Schmidt, found himself even further forwards in the rankings. After qualifying, he booked starting positions 8 and 12. In the race, attack was the order of the day. For sixth place on Saturday, he was awarded 10 championship points. On Sunday, he saw the chequered flag in 8thplace, again finishing in the top 10. In consideration of the guest driver regulations, Jeffrey Schmidt takes seven points. “We were really fast all weekend. In qualifying, we can exploit our potential even further. With the top-10 results, we were able to collect important points for the rookie-championship and for the remaining races I’ll do everything to try and win it.” Both drivers are taking part in the rookie-championship alongside the A-championship. Jeffrey Schmidt’s 19 points have improved his position in respect of the rookie title and has narrowed the gap to leader Connor de Phillippi to ten points. Sean Johnston has risen to 6th place.

Team boss Paul Schlotmann sums up the weekend with mixed feelings. “I’m absolutely delighted with Project 1’s first victory in the Carrera Cup. The team has really earned it. Both rookies have also shown what’s possible. We’re disappointed about Sean Edwards‘ result on Sunday. But we won’t give up. And especially not now.“

There are six more races in the Porsche Carrera Cup this season. In the two coming races on 14th and 15th September in Oschersleben, ‘Team Deutsche Post by Project 1’ will be able to improve its position in respect of the championship.

Nürburgring / Race 1 Results, Interview

Nürburgring Day Date Time (US - PDT) Time (DE - CET)
Practice / Training - RESULTS Fri / FR 2013-08-16 5:30-6:30am 14:30−15:30
Qualifying - RESULTS Sat / SA 2013-08-17 3:00-3:35am 12:00−12:35
Race / Rennen 1 - RESULTS Sat / SA 2013-08-17 8:30-8:55am 17:30−17:55
Race / Rennen 2 Sun / SO 2013-08-18 1:00-1:35am 10:00−10:35

Hungaroring / Post-race Press Release

Victory from pole position for Edwards and extension of his championship lead. Johnston makes good Hungarian debut.

With a confident performance and a controlled victory from pole position, Sean Edwards showed once again in the race in Budapest who is the driver to beat this season. With three out of five victories in the bag in 2013, ‘Team Allyouneed by Project 1’ can now go into the forthcoming summer break safe in the knowledge that everything is running according to plan. The goals that the team from Lohne set themselves before the race in Hungary have virtually all been achieved. The goal for Edwards was to win, and for Johnston to achieve a top 15 finish.

After a start that resembled a launching rocket from 21st place, Sean Johnston was able to overtake six opponents and to join in the battle for 15th position and one important championship point. Right until the final lap it looked as if Johnston would finish in the top 15, but a mistake and consequent spin resulted in him falling back to finish in 18th position. “It’s a shame, I was close to my goal. But the spin at the end meant that I didn’t quite manage it. To start the race from 21st place wasn’t what we were aiming for but my great start meant that I immediately got into the position I wanted to be in. Right up until the end, everything came together today. The car was unbelievably fast, the tyres held and I know that I can hold my own against the top drivers.” Johnston knows who he has to thank: “The heat here in Hungary is brutal and I’m annoyed about the spin. Most of all for my boys and the team who, particularly in these temperatures, gave me a perfect car all weekend.” Johnston’s performance is particularly strong when we think that, with just one year’s motorsport experience, he is competing so well against the field of experienced professional drivers. He is driving for the first time on nearly all the circuits in the racing calendar.

The highlight this weekend was again the perfect performance of championship favourite Sean Edwards; from pole position, through the fastest lap, to victory. After the fifth race in Hungary, Edwards has already bagged his third win and thereby extended his championship lead by a valuable 16 points. “It was a great feeling for me and Project 1 to win here. To crown the perfect qualifying with a win from pole position is huge. It may have seemed easy from the outside, but with these temperatures it was really hard to concentrate in the car. But despite that, I was able to control the whole race and even managed to drive the fastest lap, as demanded by my engineer, Kosta,” said the delighted winner after the battle in Budapest in temperatures of over 30°C.

Straight after the start, Edwards had to defend himself for a short time against his pursuer and winner of last year’s race, Christian Engelhart. The other championship contenders, Thiim and Ammermüller, finished the race in positions 8 and 14. “The result is great in terms of the championship and I hope we can repeat this performance in the remaining four races. Now all that’s left for us to do here is jump into the pool,” said Edwards.

Team boss Paul Schlotmann is happy with his team’s performance: “We’ve put in a great performance overall. Even the accident with our team tent on Saturday, when a helicopter that was flying too low caused our tent to lift off, couldn’t stop us. The way we dealt with the tyres in these extreme temperatures worked. The car held up and my team delivered a flawless performance. Even Sean Johnston’s little set back doesn’t weigh too heavily, because we know what he’s capable of and we’re much more interested in looking forward to what’s to come,” summed up the good-humoured boss of ‘Team Allyouneed by Project 1’.

The Porsche Mobil 1 Supercup is now taking a four week break and will resume again with the next race at the Belgian Spa-Francorchamps on 28th August 2013.


Hungaroring / Pre-race Press Release

The Second Half

Via Project 1

Win more points and increase championship lead.

It’s half time in the Porsche Mobil 1 Supercup 2013. After a 21 day break following the home race at the Nürburgring, the 5th race of the series in the 2013 will be taking place in Mogyorod in Hungary, approximately 20 km from Budapest city centre. The teams and the drivers now have 4 races behind them since the introduction of the new racing car from Weissach and, for ‘Team Allyouneed by Project 1’, everything is running to plan at half time. Sean Edwards is still on course to win the championship and rookie and new team member Sean Johnston is constantly improving.

At the beginning of the season, the Porsche Mobil 1 Supercup wasn’t on the cards at all for the American driver. It was originally intended that he would gain experience at national level in the Porsche Carrera Cup before driving at international level in the second year. But the earlier, the better: Thanks to his sponsor, Tom Driscoll, and the firm of the same name, ‘Driscoll’s the finest berries’, Johnston got his chance in his first year. “I’m living my dream at the moment and I’m grateful for every day that I’m allowed to live the life of a racing driver. A big thank you to my friend and partner Tom, who has made this all possible for me.” To compete as a rookie in an established field of drivers is a difficult undertaking. He is battling against some drivers who have several hundred races in Porsches behind them. But the 22 year old has done a fantastic job so far, and his learning curve is rising steeply.

Johnston himself knows that he has been given a huge chance: “For me it’s a case of learn, learn, learn. Every mistake makes me stronger, faster and more experienced. As a racing driver, you always want to win, but you have to be patient and work hard in order to get to the top. If I manage to pull together the individual building blocks, I can definitely win some more points in the second half of the season.” Johnston declares this to be his goal in the forthcoming race in Hungary: “In Budapest I want to win points and prove that I’m making progress in the Supercup.” In his last race in the Porsche Carrera Cup at the Norisring, Sean Johnston drew attention with a fantastic sixth place finish on a track which was previously unknown to him.

Team boss Paul Schlotmann is not only happy with the performance of his drivers. “When you think how energy-sapping a season with two series is, then respect and recognition is due first and foremost to the team. At the end of the day, the drivers always stand in the spotlight, but behind the scenes a team of technicians, tyre specialists, engineers and logisticians work to ensure the success of the driver. It works very well for us and the team chemistry is unique. I have only got positive things to report about our team’s situation. It’s just good fun working together, especially when we’re successful”. Schlotmann also has positive feedback to give about his drivers: “Both Sean Johnston, as a rookie, and Sean Edwards, as his mentor and championship favourite, are delivering great performances. I’m looking forward to the second half of the season and want to underline our championship ambitions with a win. That’s our goal”.

As far as the championship is concerned, Project 1 is right on course with Sean Edwards. Looking back at the past four races, we see two victories and two fourth place finishes. ‘Team Allyouneed by Project 1’ is right up there at the front, but the championship race is close and exciting. At the moment, Edwards has a four point lead over his rival Nicki Thiim and a six point lead over the German driver Michael Ammermüller. Last year, Edwards was right there at the top and had bad luck with a missing nut on his 911, meaning that he was excluded from the points after the race. Every tiny mistake and a possible zero points can mean the end of the championship hopes in the Supercup. “In 2012, Budapest was a bitter pill, but that’s reason enough to do it better this time. The championship race is close and I want to increase my lead with a win. On this circuit it’s very difficult to overtake and we therefore have to lay the foundations in qualifying.” Edwards knows what he’s talking about, for in Budapest temperatures of over 30°C often await the drivers. Overtaking isn’t easy on the 4.381 km long course, and with the asphalt having a relatively high grip, the drivers have to take good care of their tyres over the long racing distance.

Practice starts on Friday at 4.45pm and qualifying takes place on Saturday at 12.25pm. The 30 Porsche 911 GT3 Cup Type 991s will begin the fifth race of the Porsche Mobil 1 Supercup on Sunday at 11.45am. The Porsche Mobil 1 Supercup can be viewed as usual on the Pay-TV channel Sky and also on Eurosport.


Norisring / Post-race Press Release

 Via Project1

Never give up

Best Performance from Sean Junior and Demonstration from Sean Edwards – Reparation after a Catastrophic Saturday

Looking at the faces of ‘Team Deutsche Post by Project 1’ in the team tent on Saturday evening, to say that they were disappointed would have been putting it mildly. In qualifying, it was a case of highs and lows for Project 1. On Saturday morning, Sean Johnston achieved his first top-10 starting position in both races and more than achieved his ambitious goals. Jeffrey Schmidt qualified for starting positions 14 and 16. In contrast, championship favourite and second in the current Porsche Carrera Cup leader board, Sean Edwards, had a terrible qualifying session. A material failure in the rear wheel suspension right at the start of qualifying meant that Edwards was unable to put in any fast lap times. He therefore started in positions 34 and 32, right at the back of the field. When the current championship leader then took two confident pole positions, things were looking bleak for Edwards’ championship hopes.

The starting position for rookie Sean Johnston was, however, positive. Starting in position 10, his goal of finishing inside the top 10 and of putting in his best performance of the season was tantalisingly close. However, professional motorsport is full of hard knocks. A failure to observe a yellow flag led to a drive through penalty, leaving the 22 year old at the back of the field. “I thought that I slowed down in the sector. It’s really annoying for me and the team”. In the second race, however, he pulled out all the stops. With a brilliant race and fast lap times he took sixth place and valuable points for the rookie championship.

An overjoyed Johnston was grinning from ear to eat at the end of the race: “Wow, that was a great race. I’m over the moon and could finally show how fast I am. My team did an amazing job and the car was perfect. I’ve made a lot of work for my boys in the last few weeks and I’m so pleased to be able to deliver such a performance.” With 6th place, Johnston grabs ten points for the rookie championship and moves up to 7th position.

The second junior, Jeffrey Schmidt, who had his season highlight to date at the Lausitzring with podium position 3, was not happy with his performance in Nürnberg: “After the Lausitzring, I was obviously hoping for more, but with starting positions 14 and 16 I had to revise my ambitions. With places 9 and 13 I’ve still gained a couple of important points for the junior championship. At the forthcoming races at the Nürburgring I know my way around better and I should again be much further forward.”

Sean Edwards’ head hung low after his failed qualifying session. But giving up just isn’t something the British driver knows how to do. His performance in Saturday’s race, starting in 33rd position and finishing in 9th place, was impressive enough. What Sean Edwards delivered on Sunday, however, was a masterpiece, to which the whole paddock took their hats off. After 34 turbulent laps on the 2.3km long circuit, Edwards found himself on the podium again. With absolutely the quickest car on the track, Edwards devoured his competitors and, with fantastic overtaking manoeuvres, produced real racing and exciting motorsport.

The other drivers really didn’t stand a chance, and it’s possible he would also have overtaken the two drivers in front of him had the race lasted another couple of laps. Edwards himself was delighted with his performance: “I’m really pleased with today. After qualifying I had nothing to lose and that was my strategy. The first race was good but the second was fantastic. Thanks to my team and my engineer, who gave me a mega-fast car.” The damage to his championship hopes was also a lot less than initially feared, as his competitor Kévin Estre finished the second race without any points. Currently, Edwards is in position 3 in the championship, 17 points behind the leader.

The Porsche Carrera Cup is now beginning a 4 week summer break. The next two races will be fought by ‘Team Deutsche Post by Project 1’ on 17th and 18th August at the Nürburgring, the location of the championship race in the 24h race.



Norisring / Pre-race Press Release

Via Project 1

Repeat Performance Desired

After victories in 2011 and 2012, Project 1 also wants P1 in 2013 at the Norisring.

Nürnberg is the location of races 8 and 9 in the Porsche Carrera Cup 2013. If you look at the history, it’s impossible to ignore ‘the yellows’ from Lohne. The track, in the second biggest city in Bavaria, is predestined to see Project 1 victories, for in 2011 and in both races in 2012, the team from Lohne in Lower Saxony delivered confident wins. Enough for ‘Team Deutsche Post by Project 1’ and championship favourite Sean Edwards to throw everything at securing their first win in 2013 at national level.

Team boss Paul Schlotmann, who has been on board with ‘Team Deutsche Post by Project 1’ since 2009, considers his team to be on the right path and is hoping for victory for Project 1: “I love coming to the Norisring every year anew. It has a bit of the panache and the atmosphere of glamorous Monaco. You obviously enjoy it best with a win. Even though a win has evaded us so far in the Carrera Cup, I consider us to be on the right path in 2013 and we will also win in the Carrera Cup. I’m sure of it.” With pride, Paul Schlotmann points to the performance of his team to date. “This season, we have two missions to fulfil, which we’ve managed wonderfully up to now. First, we want to secure the drivers’ championship title with Sean Edwards, and as he’s currently in second place, we have every chance of achieving that. Secondly, we want to train, as quickly as possible, the two juniors, Sean Johnston and Jeffrey Schmidt, to become top drivers in the field.” And that’s exactly what the team has already achieved, with Jeffrey Schmidt’s third place at the Lausitzring in the last race.

“Little by little, we are achieving our goals and these successes make me proud to be a part of the whole. My thanks go to the whole team, who are working hard day after day for this success”. Paul Schlotmann is incredibly enthusiastic about his Project. Together with car engineer Konstantin Kotitsas and his technicians, he considers himself to be responsible for giving the drivers the best possible material and set up.

The mission of top favourite Sean Edwards is clear; to reduce the gap to current table leader Kévin Estre. Even though last year engine problems hinted at the way Sean Edwards’ championship battle was to end, the British driver’s memories of the 2.3km circuit with its 8 bends are completely positive: “The weather, the fans, the circuit and the overall atmosphere, the Norisring is always a season highlight. In 2011 I won here and I want to repeat that this year. Preferably in both races.” Edwards knows from experience gained in 2012 what makes the difference here: “At the Norisring in particular, qualifying is of vital importance to the whole race. If you start in the middle of the field, you are always in danger of being involved in an accident on the first bend. On Saturday, we have to qualify for pole position.”

The two rookies in ‘Team Deutsche Post by Project 1’ want to do the same and have set themselves high but realistic goals. Jeffrey Schmidt has found that he liked putting in his best performance of the season and achieving a podium finish at the Lausitzring: “The last race was just huge. I never thought I would be standing on the podium after only my seventh race of the season. It was an unbelievable feeling and I’m really hoping for another such chance.” The foundation of his performance was 5th place in qualifying, as Schmidt well knows: “The better the starting position, the better the chances of a top finish in the two races. The key is qualifying and I’m going to give it everything.” said a confident appearing Jeffrey Schmidt.

The second Project 1 junior is the 22 year old Sean Johnston, who has chosen to make Dinklage his home. His learning curve is also pointing upwards. The American, who made possible his dream of becoming a racing drive more or less through a console game, doesn’t yet know the Norisring at all. “On paper and on videos, the circuit looks really good, with plenty of top speed stretches and good overtaking opportunities. I’m looking forward to the atmosphere and to racing between the crash barriers on the street course. It demands a lot of courage but it’s a lot of fun. I finished the race in Monaco without incident and that’s my goal at the Norisring too. Sean Edwards is an absolute specialist on this circuit and I’m going to try and learn as much as possible from him. My target is to show my best race this season.” said Johnston.

Qualifying starts on Saturday at 12.45pm and the lights change to green in the first race at 6.15pm. On Sunday, the 35 drivers will start their fight for important championship points at 9.55am.