It’s hard to describe how great it is to be supported by such an incredible company like Driscoll’s. This family run business has been operating for several generations and has a great company culture, something you would expect from a business who’s primary goal is to delight people with delicious, and healthy, fresh berries. And, it’s especially nice when a crate of fresh berries arrives at the racetrack!

Even more than the great berries though, what I truly appreciate about Driscoll’s is their stated values, and how well they resonate with me and how I aim to be in the paddock and in life. Their values are:

  • The passion to excel and accomplish great things
  • The humility to respect and learn from our colleagues and competitors
  • The trustworthiness that transforms our dependence upon one another into our greatest strength.

It’s an honor for me to represent a business with such incredible values and I do my best to bring them with me into every race weekend. I’m so grateful for the business that they are, and the presence they are in my journey. Driscoll’s is singlehandedly responsible for the crucial support in getting my career going; I wouldn’t be where I am today without their amazing support of me and my dreams. I am forever grateful.


tolimit is the specialty agency that sits on the top floor of the Project 1 workshop and it’s with their support that I’m in Germany to begin with!  In partnership with tolimit, we have designed the Project 1 Development Program which I am currently engaged in; It’s the most ideal program I could have dreamed of, and more!  From working in the office, to the workshop, to special courses, and language lessons, I’m learning so much more than just how to drive a car fast, even though I get to learn that from one of the best, Sean Edwards!  It truly is a whole package development program where I’m learning how to be a internationally conscious businessman outside of the car, in addition to my development as a driver.  I’m appreciative for the opportunity to live, learn, work, and have fun doing it all with my tolimit family here in Germany.


Of all the teams that I could race for here in Germany, I strongly feel that Audex Motorsports the best place for me, and this is because of the great people I’m surrounded by every day.  The team is a family of passionate people who all share in a singular goal, to work hard to be the best.  The Audex team atmosphere is great to be in and I know that they create best foundational conditions for success that can be found in any team; Great equipment, great people, and great energy.


Pusher is a video production, photography and creative design company based in Northern California. They employ the latest techniques, gear and their experiences to grow stories from concept to reality. They been with me since the beginning, creating my logo, photography, website and documenting my journey in racing.